The customer can always pick and choose what parts they want to purchase from us, some times we are not the cheapest or there are vendors we cannot save money on, for these vendors we offer a pass through pricing so you are not charged any more but still receive the benefits of using our services. This saves your company on the soft costs.

The program is simple and saves your company money, not only in intangible costs but direct costs as well. Most large companies have about 75 to 150 small vendors that are purchased from once a month or less, and represent only about 10% of all purchased dollars but are about 30-60% of all vendors. This costs the company not only in time from all departments but actual costs as well. Think of the amount of phone calls to vendors that you have no relationship with.  It is our job to find the sources for the products that might be different from your current sources or as in automotive we must use the same source. We are compensated on buying better and with quantity discounts for multiple customers. Your company saves money buying from us by only issuing the 150 PO's to one company, following up on multiple orders that would normally be with 150 individual companies a year.  All of this process with a single point-of-contact – Martinez Management.

Our services enhance revenue and performance by helping businesses take advantage of exclusive quantity discounts while keeping you in complete control of the parts and products you purchase. Pass-through pricing ensures you save time and costs for purchases where additional savings cannot be secured over your existing contract. Receive one consolidated and detailed invoice from us for all purchases, with optional electronic funds transfer (EFT) and automated electronic processing available.

Our warehouse operations and inventory control support will free your resources from overseeing a myriad of vendors. Let us securely administer quantities on-hand and receipts remotely via your in-house software or we handle it all, and you just release inventory we purchased. For low-volume assemblies used infrequently, we reduce our client’s need for training and full time staff when the job isn’t large enough to justify the cost. Martinez Management can purchase all components and manufacture sub-assemblies or preform kitting – shipping products on our client’s behalf complete with their internal assembly number.

We consistently deliver measurable and often immediate value to our partners.


products & services



  • Vendor Consolidation Management 
  • Warehouse Management
  • use our warehouse where we manage inventory
  • Inventory Control
  • Stampings
  • Low-volume Assembly

The program is simple and of course saves you time, money and resources.

All with one outstanding vendor consolidation firm!

At Martinez Management, we focus on customers and eliminate the stress involved in supplier coordination, negotiations, and purchasing.

As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), we further assist companies in meeting their minority goals.  

Along with cost savings your product orders will arrive accurate and on-time, every time.  Our services help companies improve vendor relationships, mitigate risk, improve efficiencies, and control rising operating costs.  Below are examples of material supplied to various companies:

  • Molded Products
  • Chemicals
  • Small or Large Stampings
  • Packaging
  • Most Nuts, Bolts and Hardware
  • Bolts Wire and/or Cable
  • Custom Parts in Low to High Volumes
  • Off Shelf Housings and Terminals

We further minimize our client’s carrying cost by purchasing monthly supplies directly from vendors, warehousing orders, and shipping to our client’s facilities on a weekly basis.