NEC V-Series 32” 42” & 46”

LCD Interactive Touch monitor

The TGTDST-V321-AA, TGTDST-V421-AA and TGTDST-V461-AA showcase AV Series interactive Digital Signage Touch Monitor with a Seamless Integrated High-performance 3M DST Touch System.

​​Touch Screen Performance (3M DST)

•    Fast accurate, repeatable touch
•    Excellent light transmission with 92% Optics
•    Chemically-Strengthened glass with anti-glare
•    Touch operation is unaffected by surface contaminants
•    Input flexibility from finger or stylus
•    Glass construction with 7-Hardness
•    Available for display sizes 32” to 46”
•    Acrylic
•    Treated Glass
•    Anti-Glare Treated Glass
•    Polycarbonate

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Commercial Grade 70”

LCD Interactive Multi-Touch Monitor

The TGOPT-PX70STD-PW Showcases a Professional Series Interactive Digital Signage Monitor with a Seamless Integrated Optical Touch System.

Touch Screen Performance (3M DST)

•    Multi-touch capable: Optical Touch accommodates multiple

     touch points with a high degree of precision. You can touch the

     screen anywhere, with anything
•    Once-only calibration, four-points with no drift
•    Optical Touch technology for exceptional clarity and accuracy
•    Clear glass for maximum clarity
•    HID-compliant USB plug-and-play, with no special software

     drivers required
•    Acrylic
•    Treated Glass
•    Anti-Glare Treated Glass
•    Polycarbonate

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