Polycarbonate, Acrylic and Glass

Each application requiring a protective screen will vary per its environment and we want to make sure that you have the right protection for your application which is why we carry; Polycarbonate, Acrylic and Glass. 

Our experienced staff will review all options with you including the benefits and drawbacks of each type of protective screen. Once we decide which is the right choice for your application, we will integrate the screen for a seamless look. Your customer will never see a difference but your investment will be protected!

TECH-PRIVACY was designed to help prevent inadvertent disclosures of information with the intricate option of being integrated with TECH-ARMOR, high-tech display protection or Dynamic-Touch, surface capacitive touch screen. *Both options come with an embedded privacy filter. 

Commercial Grade 70”

LCD Interactive Multi-Touch Monitor

The TGOPT-PX70STD-PW Showcases a Professional Series Interactive Digital Signage Monitor with a Seamless Integrated Optical Touch System.

Touch Screen Performance (3M DST)

•    Multi-touch capable: Optical Touch accommodates multiple

     touch points with a high degree of precision. You can touch the

     screen anywhere, with anything
•    Once-only calibration, four-points with no drift
•    Optical Touch technology for exceptional clarity and accuracy
•    Clear glass for maximum clarity
•    HID-compliant USB plug-and-play, with no special software

     drivers required
•    Acrylic
•    Treated Glass
•    Anti-Glare Treated Glass
•    Polycarbonate

Why is Martinez Management an industry leader and outstanding supply chain management company?  The benefits are clear and our goal is continue to meet and exceed customer requirements.

Main touch technologies include Dynamic Touch Capacitive, 3M DST, Optical, and IR. Martinez Management is an authorized reseller for leading brands, offering exceptional pricing for medical and government purchases.


NEC V-Series 32” 42” & 46”

LCD Interactive Touch monitor

The TGTDST-V321-AA, TGTDST-V421-AA and TGTDST-V461-AA showcase AV Series interactive Digital Signage Touch Monitor with a Seamless Integrated High-performance 3M DST Touch System.

​​Touch Screen Performance (3M DST)

•    Fast accurate, repeatable touch
•    Excellent light transmission with 92% Optics
•    Chemically-Strengthened glass with anti-glare
•    Touch operation is unaffected by surface contaminants
•    Input flexibility from finger or stylus
•    Glass construction with 7-Hardness
•    Available for display sizes 32” to 46”
•    Acrylic
•    Treated Glass
•    Anti-Glare Treated Glass
•    Polycarbonate

customer solutions

Customers need to stay on the cutting edge of technology and Martinez Management provides technology advice, procurement, and customization of industrial touch screen monitors to suit  precise specifications. With an array of interactive touch screen solutions Martinez Management displays represent the best-in-class image performance for wide applications; in leading industries – from healthcare to retail to hospitality.

Our customers utilize touch screen technology for digital advertising, customer self-service stations, retail point-of-sale stations, point-of-information and visitor service stations. For healthcare organizations, touch screen technology significantly improves and automates patient service in the lobby and at the point of care, minimizing cost while fully complying with government regulations including HIPAA-Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Today most industry utilizes the latest in touch screen technology and USB-driven advertising players, ensuring your system is ideally suited, sized, and customized for their business. Opt for polycarbonate, acrylic, or glass protection based on your unique application. 

  • Realize the convenience in having a single point-of-contact for supply chain needs --everything from relationship management through comprehensive warehouse operations and inventory control

  • Optimize vendor performance
  • Improve vendor relationships, and minimize business disruption
  • Secure competitive pricing on the items you already use along with new products
  • Our experienced staff will evaluate your objectives and recommend the ideal solution for your needs.